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CoolaPack IcePacks - Now Available at reduced Cost 

Although our Thermal packaging is commonly used for keeping products warm, a new Large Market now requires keeping your products cool. Our Coolapack Ice Packs come dehydrated ready for you to hydrate and freeze!
We supply CoolaPack Ice packs of 1600 pads (200 sheets of 4x2) These are available for £49+Vat and are delivered carriage free when ordered with any of our Thermal Packaging solutions.





The Space Saving and most cost effective way to deliver Food Chilled & Fresh. Ideal for transportation of Pharmaceutical and other temperature sensitive products. Insulated Box Liner

The "Jig it, Tape - Use It Insulated Box Liner system" Is the cost effective method to ensure your customers receive their orders Cold, Fresh and Profesionally packed without using Bulky Polystyrene.

ThermaPack Insulated box liners are manufactured from "True" Alluminium foil & Thermo bubbles to create a high performance temperature control radiant barrier that takes up minimal space

We manufacture Insulated Box Liners for virtually ANY size of Cardboard box, basket or Container. See our brief online video below for more information then simply fill in the information further below the video for a quotation within the day.

Simply fill in the information below with your ideal Internal size of your Cardboard Box. We will price a custom made Thermapack Insulated liners in Single & Double within 24 Hours.

TPS thermal insulated boxes are a high performance, money saving solution for shipping your temperature sensitive products. Our insulated boxes are proven to insulate better than expanded polystyrene (EPS), maintaining products colder for longer.




You Can Order Custom Made Sample Box Liners made to suit your existing Cardboard Box in both ThermaPack Single & ThermaPack Double for just £15 Delivered...

We will design and manufacture two custom made samples. One made from ThermaPack single and the other made from ThermaPack Ultra Double delivered to you your door within 5 working days for you to test with your specific product.


Are You Looking for the fastest Method to get started delivering your Fresh Food with ThermaPack? It's So Easy...

Submit a Quote Request with the Internal size of Your existing Cardboard Box. We E-mail a price back to You within 24 hours.

2) If you wish Order your custom made sample and we deliver within 5 days.

3) Place your first order and expect delivery in
as little as 10 days complete with Jig, Tape Gun and your ThermaPack Insulated Box Liners.


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