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ThermaPack Fully Insulated Envelopes

"Manufactured using TRUE Aluminium Highly Reflective Foil
for MAXIMUM Insulation Performance"

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ThermaPack Ultra Insulated Packaging Envelopes FREE Delivery*
ThermaPack Ultra envelopes are manufactured in Sheffield using "True" aluminium foil, unlike most imported foil envelopes that are made from polymer foil which provides less effective Insulation.

The ThermaPack Ultra envelope system reflects up to 97% of heat transferred via radiation (sun, heat) and reflects up to 97% of the cold air back into the product and its surrounding Space* ThermaPack Ultra DOUBLE envelopes provides the equivalent of 55mm of Polystyrene and ThermaPack SINGLE is similar to 25mm of Polystyrene..

ThermaPack Envelope Range is designed to:

• Keeps Frozen and Cold products Cooler for longer.
• Keeps Hot products warmer for longer
• Maintains ambient temperature in storage and during transport
• Protects against moisture • Puncture resistant for physical protection
• Self seal tape lip for quick closure.
• Ideal for shipping perishable products like food, Pharmaceutical
and electronic parts

You can Order ThermaPack SINGLE "OR" ThermaPack Ultra (DOUBLE foil) envelopes for even higher performance and protection all at the lowest prices in the UK guaranteed!

Sizes shown are Internal dimensions. Please Contact our sales team for custom sizes Delivery normally within 72 hours within the UK Mainland.

 CoolaPack Ice Pads - Now Available.

Although our Thermal packaging is commonly used for keeping products warm, a new Large Market now requires keeping your products cool. Our Coolapack Ice Packs come dehydrated ready for you to hydrate and freeze!
We supply CoolaPack Ice packs of 1600 pads (200 sheets of 4x2) These are available for £49+Vat and are delivered carriage free when ordered with any of our Thermal Packaging solutions.


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