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Thermal Packaging Solutions

The Real Experts in Packaging Insulation

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene.

ThermaPack-Box Sample

Includes: One Cardboard Box, a ThermaPack Single Box Liner and a ThermaPack Double Box Liner.

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Delivering temperature sensitive goods such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Drinks or Electronics can be a real challenge. Now there is a high-performance UK manufactured TOTAL Insulated box solution – including the Box complete with Insulated Box Liner.

The ThermaPack-Box has been designed to give maximum protection to temperature sensitive goods, in minimum space and to ensure the content remains colder for longer during transit.

ThermaPack-Box Dimensions: 293 x 293 x 300mm, providing 25.75 litres of Capacity.

The Cardboard Box

This is simple to assemble and has a sturdy case with extra thick fluted walls. The boxes are FSC certified and are 100% recyclable.

Internal ThermaPack Insulated Box liner
These are a highly effective radiant barriers and reflect up to 95% of heat transferred via radiation. ThermaPack is manufactured from TRUE aluminium with a thermal air membrane. ThermaPack-Box Liners are manufactured in Sheffield and should not be compared to plastic look-a-like foils imported from overseas, which hold little or no thermal benefits.

Supplied with TWO levels of Insulation performance: ThermaPack-Box Single OR Double.

ThermaPack-Box Single has one layer of True Aluminium Foil on the outside bonded to an air bubble insulation membrane. ThermaPack Box Single is equivalent to around 25mm of Polystyrene Insulation.

ThermaPack-Box Double boasts two layers of True Aluminium Foil bonded to each side of an Air bubble membrane providing an insulation barrier equivalent to huge 55mm of Polystyrene Insulation.

ThermaPack Single & Double Insulation liners are both around 4mm thick, taking up minimal space in the box and can be fully airtight sealed to protect contents with a built-in adhesive closure. The ThermaPack-Box Solution is designed to replace bulky polystyrene packaging.

ThermaPack Single & Double box liners are puncture resistant and waterproof keeping your goods fully protected transport.


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