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TPS ThermaPost Insulated Courier Packs - The Most Efficient Method of Delivering Fresh & Frozen Foods.

NOTE: We have now relaunched our ThermaPost Insulated Courier Packs! Please see below product details and see the discounted rates we are now able to offer below!

ThermaPost insulated courier packs are designed to keep food and other temperature sensitive products chilled or frozen during transportation.

ThermaPost is manufactured from ThermaPack Ultra Double reflective foil aluminium insulation. Two layers of highly reflective foil act as an efficient radiant barrier, separated by an air bubble membrane to prevent cold bridging and maintain temperatures for longer. ThermaPost features a fully sealable adhesive strip to ensure air tightness and maximum insulation efficiency.

ThermaPost Insulated Courier Pack

Whilst ThermaPost is only 4mm thick it offers similar performance to 55mm of Polystyrene. It takes up minimal space and your customers do not have the problem of disposing of bulky Polystyrene boxes.

As a manufacturer we guarantee you will not purchase our product for less. You can order online or call our sales team on +44 (0) 114 3230474 to order. We deliver to the UK and most European countries within seven days.

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ThermaPost Insulated Courier Packs (50 Pack)

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