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CoolaPack Ice Pads - Perfect for Keeping Frozen and Chilled Foods Fresh During Transport.

Our CoolaPack ice pads are designed to keep food and other goods cool during transportation and short term storage. They come in sheets of 4x3 which are dehydrated in order to save space during storage before use. To activate the CoolaPack ice pads, simply soak them in fresh water for 10 minutes to allow the internal polymer beads to expand and then freeze the swollen pads in temperatures as low as -40°C.

CoolaPack Ice Pads

Although it can be used in many different applications, this cost effective method of keeping your goods chilled during transportation is fully BRC certified, FDA/EU approved and as such is totally safe for use with food and drink.

At only 24p per sheet this is a highly cost effective method for keeping product fresh or frozen for the duration of transportation and is significantly cheaper than alternatives.

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CoolaPack Ice Pads (200 sheets of 4x3 cells)

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