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Thermal Packaging Solutions - Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

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Thermal Packaging Solutions
Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

Thermal Packaging Solutions

The Real Experts in Chilled Packaging

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

Insulated Shipping Container Liners

We manufacture Container Liner Insulation Kit protect goods whilst in storage, as they significantly reduce the risk of condensation. They also protect perishable goods such as food, drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products during transportation. Finally, they can also be used for container conversions.

Container Liner Insulation Kits Include:

  • Highly Reflective Insulation, with Air Bubble Membrane.
  • Sections are labelled for ease ‘Wall’ ‘Roof’ ‘Floor’
  • Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape – to seal around all of the joints and edges.
  • High Tack Double Sided Thick Adhesive, to hold the Container Insulation in place

Do you require an Insulated Liner for a Container of a size that is not mentioned below? Input the details here and we will be back in touch with your bespoke quote.

As the manufacturer, we can guarantee you will not purchase these kits for less elsewhere.

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Insulated Shipping Container Liners

Our Insulated Shipping Container Liners are the most cost effective solution, to protect goods whilst in storage. Specifically, the Container Insulation prevents significant fluctuations in temperature. 

Container Insulation Kits for Storage

We supply to both homeowners and storage companies, who wish to protect either their items or their customers items, from damage caused by condensation. Goods stored commonly include furniture, vehicles, tools, chemicals and electronics. 

Our Container Liner Insulation Kits boast features which combined significantly reduce the risk of condensation in containers. You can see more detail about this below. 

Insulated Shipping Container Liners for  Cold Chain Shipments

The Container Liner Insulation Kits can also be used to protect perishable goods such as food, drinks and pharmaceutical products that require temperature control, during the cold chain transportation process. We commonly supply to companies and freight forwarders who are dealing with international shipments. 

Container Insulation Kits for Conversions

EcoQuilt is used when customers wish to convert their container or in cases where the customer requires superior insulation for their goods being stored or shipped. The installation process differs slightly and instructions are provided noting the best way to board your container for a conversion, as the weight of the material is thicker than that of the ThermaPack Double

What is Included in the Container Liner Insulation Kit?

Out Insulation for Containers comes as a complete kit, with everything you need for the install.

All kits are supplied in made to measure insulation rolls, labelled up for ease. They each have high tack, thick, adhesive backing ready to fit in position, making them easy to install. 

With each container liner insulation kit you also receive Foil Joining Tape, to seal all joints and edges.

You can view our ‘How to Video‘ which demonstrates how these should be installed. You will also receive a How to Guide with your order.

We also include a free next working day delivery service, on all orders placed before 12pm. 

What are the Material Options?

These are available in two options of insulation material;

ThermaPack Ultra Double and EcoQuilt Expert.

See the ‘Material’ tab above for further information about the differences between the options.

The Container Liner Kits can help reduce condensation due to their:

Vapour Barrier: Taping and sealing all overlaps and perimeter of the product enables it to work as an effective vapour control layer, stopping the passage of moisture.

Thermal Performance: The high thermal properties of the insulation reduce the thermal / cold bridging effect, from one side of the container to the other.

Reflective Thermal Cavities: Maintaining a cavity between the insulation and the steel container utilises radiant heat, not only increasing the overall thermal performance of the product, by further reducing the effect of thermal / cold bridging.

Our Container Liner Kits greatly reduce the risk of condensation, however, the level / source of condensation should be assessed prior to installation. Applications with high levels of moisture may require mechanical ventilation to reduce the risk of condensation. Roof only applications will only work by reflecting cold / heat away from the roof only. At TPS we always recommend Insulating the full container.

As a manufacturer we guarantee you will not purchase our product anywhere else for less.

You can order online or call our speak to a member of our team, by contacting here.

We offer Next Working Day Delivery on all Orders placed before 12pm!

Material Data

Container Liners are quick & easy to install and are available in two options of insulation material, with our best-selling ThermaPack Ultra Double providing a highly effective radiant barrier at a very competitive price. All kits are supplied in made to measure rolls with adhesive backing ready to fit in position. See the performance comparison below for further information:


  • ThermaPack Ultra Double is our best selling option
  • Ideal for containers used for storage, keeps products at an ambient temperature
  • Made from True Aluminium Foil
  • Equivalent to 55mm of Polystyrene, yet only 4mm thick


  • Highest performing insulation
  • Ideal for transforming containers into offices, living spaces etc.
  • 2 layers of wadding laminated foil, 3 layers of radiant foil separated by wadding
  • Equivalent to 75mm Polystyrene, yet only 4mm thick

How to Guide

Fixing Instructions Container Liner Insulation Kit

  • Ensure that the Walls, Roof and Floor inside the container are dry, clean, and free of grease or dust.
  • When the container is prepped, start insulating the walls.
  • Take one wall section and start fixing from the centre of the back wall – make your way forward until you get to the middle of the front door.
  • Apply the second wall section, again starting in the centre of the back wall.
  • Then begin the roof section – the roof section arrives in two rolls to make the installation easier. Finish, by insulating the floor (if required).
  • Ensure all edges and joints are fully sealed with the silver foil joining tape. Not taping and sealing the product correctly can allow moisture to pass the membrane, allowing it to condensate.
  • Use a strong bush to help apply and ensure that the insulation is secure on the wall.



Do not adhere the membrane into the vertical apertures; the membrane should be flat against the wall. This is important to maximise the thermal properties of the insulation.