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Thermal Packaging Solutions - Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

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Thermal Packaging Solutions
Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

Thermal Packaging Solutions

The Real Experts in Chilled Packaging

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

EcoWool Box Liners For Food

 Eco-Friendly Chilled Packaging for Food

EcoWool Box Liners protect chilled and frozen food, whilst they are travelling nationwide.

We manufacture EcoWool Box Liners to sit inside your boxes, to keep food fresh, frozen, hot and ambient, whilst on route to your customer.

It is also commonly used to protect dog food and raw dog food too.

EcoWool surpasses the competition, on every level; it is 100% Recyclable, UK Manufactured, Vegan Friendly and Cost Effective (as it is manufactured in house)

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EcoWool Box Liners for Food

We are the UKs leading Chilled Food Packaging Experts; we specialise in manufacturing and distributing Eco Friendly Box Liners for Food. 

EcoWool has been created so that you can get reap the performance benefits and successfully protect your food whilst in transit, without causing harm to the environment. 

EcoWool is a 100% recyclable chilled packaging solution. It can be reused by your customers, or it can go straight in their recycling bin— 0% of this product should go into landfill.

EcoWool makes no compromises, its cost effective, it satisfies your requirements in terms of protecting your food and it is 100% recyclable. 

Why Choose EcoWool Box Liners for your Food Shipments? 

EcoWool Box Liners are a trusted solution, as they have enabled hundreds of customers to ship hundreds of thousands of food shipments nationwide, since launch. 

We supply small start ups, to international companies and everyone in between. 

We understand how important chilled packaging is especially when it comes to food safety. For example, many of you will need to ensure your chilled food remains below 8 degrees – look no further. 

Your chilled packaging solution is fundamental to the success, it is the first impression of your business and it impacts the safety and the integrity of your food.

How Do I Get a Quote and Order EcoWool Box Liners? 

  • Provide us with the dimensions of any size box, using the form above. 
  • We email you a quote for EcoWool Box Liners to sit inside your box perfectly. 
  • You sample or accept the quote.
  • We manufacture and deliver!
  • If you have any queries, do not hesitate to Get In Touch!

What can EcoWool Box Liners for food protect? 

  • Chilled Food
  • Frozen Food
  • Ambient Food
  • Hot Food
  • Dog Food 
  • Raw Dog Food 
  • Foods of any nature- such as Meat, Fish, Dairy and Confectionaries
Why is EcoWool Superior to other products?
  • We have tested and manufactured EcoWool  to ensure it surpasses the performance of the wool alternatives on the market from a thermal perspective. 


  • Many of the Eco-Friendly products on the market, such as the sheeps wool products are reusable opposed to recyclable. We truly believe the ability to reuse a product is great, but having the option to recycle is what really makes a product truly sustainable. Here at Thermal Packaging Solutions our aim is to covert as many recycled plastic bottles in to EcoWool Box Liners. We want to ensure that EcoWool does not contribute to landfill.


  • Paper based packaging falls short on its thermal performance, where as EcoWool combines all the good features such as the Eco Credentials of paper, without any compromises on performance, cost or Eco credentials. 


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