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Thermal Packaging Solutions - Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

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Thermal Packaging Solutions
Your UK Temperature Controlled Packaging Experts

Thermal Packaging Solutions

The Real Experts in Chilled Packaging

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

Insulated Envelopes for Pharmaceuticals

Insulated Envelopes are fundamental to Pharmaceutical Packaging.

Within the Pharmaceutical Industry, temperature control is vital. Typically, Pharmaceutical Products needs to be kept between 2 – 8 ºC.

To protect your Pharmaceutical Products – we manufacture Insulated Envelopes here in house.

Our Insulated Envelopes for Pharmaceuticals have proven to maintain these temperatures time and time again; even in the peak of summer and winter.

We recognise the importance of providing protective packaging, to preserve the quality and potency of the pharma products and to ensure they are safe for their intended purpose.

We have a 5 Stock Sizes listed below and available to order online.

We can though manufacture bespoke sizes quickly – so just Get In Touch if you require an alternative size.

Price breaks per 100 Insulated Envelopes can be seen below.

If you wish to order 2,000 units or more, please get in touch for trade rates.

Any order placed before 12pm will be dispatched on a Next Working Day Delivery.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 £76.00
5 - 9 11.84 % £67.00
10+ 21.05 % £60.00
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Why Choose Thermal Packaging Solutions for your Pharma Packaging?

Here at Thermal Packaging Solutions, we manufacture Insulated Envelopes for Pharmaceuticals. We work closely with Pharmaceutical Companies and the NHS, supplying high performing Insulated Envelopes to ensure the products are protected. We supply to those shipping blood, insulin, vaccines and other pharma products, that need to be protected from excess hear and cold too.

Typically, Pharmaceutical Products needs to be kept between 2 – 8 ºC.

This is why our Insulated Envelopes for Pharmaceuticals solutions are integral to your cold chain management, as we have proven to do this, time and time again – even in the peak of summer and winter.

The Material

Our True Aluminium Foil Insulated Envelopes are manufactured, right here in house in Sheffield.

The beauty of our products is that we only use high quality and highly reflective material and we also would not compromise on the performance. Our Insulated Envelopes reflect a massive 97% of heat transferred, so they boast superior thermal performance compared to other products.

You will notice that we have two different materials for these. The ThermaPack Single material has one layer of True Aluminium Foil and is bonded to an air bubble membrane. The ThermaPack Double instead has two layers of True Aluminium Foil that is bonded to an air bubble membrane. 

You can view more information related to the materials on our ‘Materials’ tab.

Our Insulated Envelopes for Pharma products boast thermal and moisture protection and are also puncture resistant too.

How Do They Arrive?

These are heat sealed at the sides to ensure there is no where for warm or cold air to pass and also to ensure they are robust.

To close the Insulated Pouches, as standard we manufacture these with self-seal adhesive tape. This is for quick closure and also to ensure they are airtight. If you are wanting to reuse your pharma pouches – we can also manufacture these with Velcro seal closure too.

Sizes of Our Insulated Envelopes

Although we list stock sizes of our Insulated Pouches for Pharmaceutical Goods – we can also manufacture any size protective pouch to suit to ensure there is no wasted space.

We appreciate many pharma products can be very small individual items, this is no issue for us – we have the manufacturing ability to meet your bespoke requirements. Please contact us with the dimensions you would like by emailing and we will provide a quote for your specific size. 


If you order stock size insulated envelopes, before 12pm your order will be with you the next working day.

We ship our pharmaceutical packaging solutions nationwide, but also throughout Europe.

If you would like a quote for delivery to somewhere outside the UK Mainland – you can Contact Us directly. 

Customers commonly order our Insulated Envelopes alongside our CoolaPack Ice Pads – which are the cold source.

Material Data

Insulated Envelopes are available in two options of insulation material; ThermaPack Single and ThermaPack Ultra Double, with our ThermaPack Ultra Double providing a highly effective radiant barrier at a very competitive price. See the performance comparison below for further information:


  • Outer laminated, puncture resistant, true aluminium protective film
  • Internal layer of closed cell thermo bubbles to prevent heat transfer
  • Made from True Aluminium Foil
  • Equivalent to 25mm Polystyrene, yet only 3mm thick


  • Best selling solution
  • Highest performing material for insulation envelopes
  • Same as ThermaPack Single but also features a treated internal layer of ThermaPack Ultra Reflective Foil
  • Made from True Aluminium Foil
  • Equivalent to 55mm Polystyrene, yet only 4mm thick