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We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

            The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Food Nationwide!

Shipping food nationwide requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that it arrives fresh and safe for consumption. 

This is why we have a few options of packaging materials like EcoWool, True Aluminium Foil Bespoke Box Liners, Insulated Pouches and Ice Packs.  

With all of that in mind here is our step-by-step guide to help you ship food using these materials…


Plan Your Shipment:

Determine what type of food you’re shipping and its perishability. This will help you decide how much insulation and cooling you’ll need. Consider the destination, climate, and expected transit time. This information will influence the choice of packaging and cooling methods.

Select Your Food Packaging:

Choose appropriate containers for your food items. For example, use airtight, leak-proof containers for liquids and perishables.

Have a think about your customers, what do they care about – if their sole focus is the food product they are getting – you might opt for the True Aluminium Foil Box Liners. If you have a environmentally conscious customer base – consider EcoWool Box Liners. You can see more detail about each below. 

Environmentally Conscious Customer Base? EcoWool Insulation:

EcoWool is a natural and sustainable insulation material made from recycled plastic bottles and is 100% Recyclable. We can manufacture EcoWool to sit in any size box and it is excellent for maintaining temperature during transit. 

When you provide us with your box size – you’ll benefit from complete coverage.  EcoWool protects chilled, temperature sensitive goods more so than wool alternatives on the market, so it is the perfect solution. 

Less Environmentally Concerned? Bespoke Aluminium Foil Box Liners 

The True Aluminium Box Liners are designed to line the inside of your shipping box, of any size and to provide insulation and protection. It provides complete coverage around the contents within your box – maintaining the temperature of your goods, whilst in transit. 

Pack the Food Securely:


Once you have selected which of the above two insulated liners. Arrange your food items inside the box, ensuring there is
minimal movement during transit. Use dividers or padding if needed.

Add CoolaPack Ice Pads:

CoolaPack ice pads are reusable gel packs designed for temperature control. They’re an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ice packs. Place CoolaPack Ice Pads or our CoolaGel Ice Pads around and on top of the food items. Make sure they’re evenly distributed to maintain a consistent temperature.

Seal the Box:

Close and seal the box securely with strong tape. Make sure all seams are well-taped to prevent any air from entering or escaping.

Label Clearly:

Clearly label the box with “Perishable” and “Keep Refrigerated” labels. Include any special handling instructions or warnings.

Choose a Reliable Carrier:

Select a shipping carrier known for handling perishable items. Consider using expedited shipping services for faster delivery. Remember, it’s crucial to comply with any food safety regulations and requirements set forth by local and national authorities. Additionally, always verify the specific guidelines of the carrier you choose for shipping perishable goods.

Monitor the Shipment:

Track the shipment using the provided tracking number. Keep an eye on its progress to ensure timely delivery or to identify any problems early to avoid deterioration of the goods.

Notify the Recipient:

Inform the recipient of the expected delivery date and any special handling instructions. Advise them to refrigerate the food upon arrival.

If you have much smaller shipments, that either go in really small boxes or even do not require a box – you can use Insulated Envelopes / Pouches.

Our Insulated Envelopes are ideal for shipping perishable products like food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and electronic components. They ensure that your goods maintain an ambient temperature in storage and during transportation. ThermaPack envelopes are Manufactured in Sheffield UK using true aluminium foil, unlike most imported foil envelopes which are made from polymer foil and provide less effective thermal protection. The system reflects up to 97% of heat transferred via radiation (sun, heat). ThermaPack Ultra Double envelopes provide the equivalent of 55mm of Polystyrene and ThermaPack Single is similar to 25mm of Polystyrene.


In addition to thermal protection, they offer moisture protection and physical protection as the envelopes are puncture resistant. They are quick & easy to use, featuring a self-seal tape lip for quick closure.

To place your order or discuss your bespoke needs You can get in touch with us by phone on +44 (0) 114 3230474 during our opening times: Mon-Fri 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Alternatively; you can email us at to request a callback.

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