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We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

Insulated Storage For Electrical Goods

Why is it important to protect electrical equipment from the cold?

Electrical equipment can be expensive to buy, and expensive to fix or replace if damaged. Items can be damaged in many ways, from being dropped from height, to coming into contact with water. However, many people may not realise that electrical goods can become damaged due to the temperature in which they are being stored. 

In colder conditions, the effectiveness of some internal components can be affected and may even crack, resulting in the item being unusable and needing repair. Condensation can also become an issue if the temperature inside the storage area fluctuates from warm to cold. For example, the lens of a camera may become unusable if condensation builds up inside it. 

Storing an LCD or LED TV in freezing conditions can result in issues. LCD televisions are Liquid Crystal Displays, LED televisions are LCD’s with better lighting. This liquid crystal fluid can freeze, which would affect the performance of the TV.

In addition to the previous points, the functionality of batteries can be affected in cold weather. Due to the electrons moving slower, the battery must work harder to run the current between the positive and negative terminals.

Other items to consider are power tools, household appliances, heavy machinery and computers

Thermal Packaging Solutions offer a range of UK manufactured products that can help protect your electrical goods. If storing in a shipping container, our container liner kits are the perfect solution. We offer any size, even if you have a bespoke size container. Alternatively, if storing on a pallet, our insulated pallet covers will fit perfectly around the whole pallet, keeping your goods protected. The container liner kits and pallet covers can be manufactured in a choice of materials. Thermapack Double is the more cost-effective option, whilst still providing high performance, but if you require extra protection from the elements, the EcoQuilt is our higher performing option.

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