Thermal Packaging Solutions - Insulation Experts First

We manufacture and supply industry with high performance, efficient foil thermal packaging solutions to protect products during transportation & storage.

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as Polystyrene.

Our solutions are widely used to protect perishable food produce, drinks, pharmacuiticals and electronics products where an ambient temperature and physical protection is required during transportation and storage.

We supply ThermaPack insulated envelopes, pallet covers, insulated box liners, ThermaPost courier packs and insulated shipping container liners at some of the lowest prices in Europe with free delivery within the UK Mainland.

Solution Range

Insulated Envelopes

Our insulated envelopes are ideal for shipping perishable products like food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and electronic components. They esure that your goods maintain an ambient temperature in storage and during transportation.

TPS Insulated Envelopes

Box Liners

Our custom-sized insulated box liners are a space-saving and cost effective way to deliver chilled & fresh goods. Ensure your customers receive their orders cold, fresh and profesionally packaged without using bulky Polystyrene.

Insulated Box Liners

Pallet Covers

TPS insulated pallet covers are designed to protect food produce, drinks, pharmaceuticals and many other temperature sensitive goods during storage and transportation on pallets. The insulated pallet cover system works effectively as a barrier against both heat radiation and conduction.

TPS Insulated Pallet Cover Sealed

ThermaPost Courier Packs

ThermaPost insulated courier packs are designed to keep food and other temperature sensative products chilled or frozen during transportation. Two layers of highly reflective foil act as an efficient radiant barrier seperated by an air bubble membrane to prevent cold bridging.

ThermaPost Courier Pack

Shipping Container Liners

Our insulated shipping container liner kits are the most cost effective method of protecting perishable goods that require an ambient temperature during the cold chain transportation process in shipping containers.

Insulated Shipping Container