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Thermal Packaging Solutions

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We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to current bulky solutions such as polystyrene. We have also introduced our 100% recyclable, vegan friendly EcoWool Box Liners.

What To Consider When Shipping Cosmetics

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the online cosmetics industry has grown massively. But there are many things to consider for businesses selling cosmetics online. One of the main factors is the packaging in which the products are shipped. With cosmetics, the packaging not only needs to protect its contents from physical damage, but also from external temperatures. For instance, in higher temperatures, certain products such as eyeliners, lipsticks & blushes may liquify. This obviously results in poor product quality, which affects customers satisfaction and may also react differently with the consumer’s skin.

Alternatively, when shipping cosmetics in cold weather, certain products may be susceptible to freezing. Once thawed, the texture of the product could have changed, making it more difficult, or even impossible, for the consumer to apply. This would mean more costs for the supplier in packaging and shipping a replacement. Not only could the actual product be affected by cold weather, but also the bottle in which it’s contained in might also freeze and crack, causing in the product to leak. In addition to providing protection from extreme temperatures, insulated box liners or pouches keep the contents safe from impact during transportation. The layer of bubble inside the foil acts as a cushion to prevent goods becoming damaged from movement or being dropped.

Thermal Packaging Solutions are a UK manufacturer of a wide range of insulated packaging products. Our ThermaPack box liners or pouches can be made to bespoke sizes, to ensure the perfect fit for your products, in order to keep them protected during shipping. At only 4mm thick, our ThermaPack material is a great alternative to bulky polystyrene, meaning more room for your products. This could also mean you could save money by reducing the size of your current boxes due to the reduction in packaging space required.

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