EcoWool Vs Paper Packaging

Whilst paper packaging has its positives, such as being recyclable and cost effective, it also has plenty of negatives. Each time paper is recycled, its fibres shorten and lose strength, meaning it can only be recycled a handful of times. Paper is also easily damaged by moisture and less durable than other packaging materials. Deforestation […]

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Thermal Protective Packaging

Wherever you look, there’s usually some form of packaging. Made from all different types of material, some eco-friendly, some not. Non environmentally friendly packaging materials contain harmful toxins such as bisphenol A (BPA) that can contaminate food and water. Not only can this be harmful to humans, but also to animals, marine life and the […]

What Products require Chilled Protective Packaging?

What Products require Chilled Protective Packaging? The slightest changes in temperature can affect the quality and freshness of temperature-sensitive goods. Therefore, it’s so important to use the correct packaging solutions when shipping these goods nationwide. During transportation, your products can be subject to many fluctuations in temperature and are constantly being moved around, so it’s […]